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Posted March 23rd, 2020

We're trying out a new way to share our page blurb today: Us actually conversing about our thoughts. Let us know if you like it! We think it adds more of our personality and comraderie as co-authors.

Kailey: An introduction of some new characters, mainly the parents of our male leads, but also some mysterious masked people that seem to be targeting Claire. Very ominous, and I love the lighting that sets the scene up that stuff is about to go down. I also love Rosa's expressions, really showing the relation to Jack and his extreme expressions from his introduction to the comic. It's also very apparent that Atticus gets his appearance from his mother, Victoria.

We also get some views of the other racing airships other than the Falke. Cool to see them from concept sketches, to full colored design.

Hannah: Yes... those ships... The ones visible in panel five are by far the most normal of the designs I came up with, but we'll get to see some crazier ones in the coming pages. Turns out its really hard to come up with new technology with no knowledge of flight mechanics or propulsion. Oh well!

I loved drawing the parents of Jack and Atticus. I'd also add that Atticus takes after his father quite a bit as well. Low brows, straight nose, and the intense expression that often gets them both pegged as stiffs.

Kailey: Because they are.

Hannah: Hey! Atticus is just really, really tired.


Okay yeah.