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Posted March 31st, 2020

Hannah: What a crazy page! Tilting the rows creates some unique panel shapes, and each panel has a lot going on by itself; from shots of the race itself, to the reactions of our mains characters. It all works together to create an energetic feel as the long awaited airship race takes place! It was a ton of work to do all the airships on this page, but I'm happy with the result.

Kailey: I thought we were going to avoid drawing the airship race, because of how much detail it would take, including rewriting the story/script so that Claire was kidnapped during the race instead, but it just ended up making more sense to keep it the way it was.

Can't help but feel like Atticus is directing his comment in the second-to-last panel towards me though...

Hannah: Well, you do like to add drama. His smug expression in that panel turned out a bit ominous because of the lighting, but I can't say I dislike it.

Kailey: I do like to add drama. It was at this point in the original story that I felt it was time to get some action going. And well, Claire was my character, so that's where I had the control. Poor girl. Also, I enjoyed playing the announcers for the majority of For Tomorrow, and I can't help but read their lines in an over-enthusiastic voice.