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Posted April 7th, 2020

Kailey: When I originally wrote this scene, I actually wanted to have her kidnapped successfully. However, this was a roleplay game, so I let the dice rolls determine Claire's fate, and as you can see, they were very much in her favor. Though, she's not to be underestimated either. She's a mechanic and has some tricks up her sleeve. Or, boot, in this case.

Hannah: I should have known you wanted her to fail... and you say I'm the supervillain. As for my part in this scene, Atticus was calmly making his way back out of the stands, so I was just screaming in the general chat as I watched the drama playing out with Claire's would-be kidnappers, unable to affect the outcome with my character. Roleplaying is fun!

Kailey: I never said you were a supervillain. That was self declared.

Hannah: Fair. But I can't hold a candle to your scheming. That's the main requirement of a villain.

Kailey: Anyway, yes, originally Atticus didn't really do much. We added and rewrote the most for him for this first evening in the story. However, there was no car hijacking in the original. We had to change the location of the airship track, and Hannah came up with the idea to show off more of Claire's escape.

Hannah: This is one of the first full page action scenes I've ever drawn, and the end result of all our editing makes me proud. Claire is a badass, and I've been giddily waiting to show it off since we started the comic.