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Posted April 21st, 2020

Hannah: I've never felt so sad, yet so gleeful to finish a page.

Kailey: Sorry I made you draw Claire's house burning down, but I have to say how satisfying it is to see something we wrote put into such an amazing visual format.

Hannah: Thanks! I'm very happy with the result. It took some hard work and research to get this page right, especially the light from the fire in the final panel. I would apologize for the emotional trauma we are putting our readers through right now by leaving them with this page, except that the rest of the story wouldn't happen without this event. So sorry, not sorry!

Kailey: Technically, the trauma is my fault for now, so I'll take the blame, but I'm also not sorry. It's an amazing story, and like you said, this sets up the scene for a great adventure to come in the following days of the festival. Also excited to see Atticus at a social event in the coming Chapter Two.

We will be taking a break for a month in order to prepare for the release of chapter two, but that doesn't mean we're going silent! Make sure to stay tuned here, on our Patreon, and our Facebook page for fun posts to fill the wait for the continuation of For Tomorrow. Meanwhile we'll be hard at work creating the next part of this story, revamping the website, and looking into ways to expand our readership. Thank you for reading so far! It means so much to us both to share this story with you.