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From RP to Webcomic

Posted May 5th, 2020

When we finished the story, we knew it was one worth telling, but coming up with the right medium took some time, and eventually we settled that it deserved the visual medium of a webcomic. However, converting what was such a personal experience into panels and artwork sometimes loses little details that made a scene special. We have to be careful in deciding what needs to be cut, what needs to be resorted to background details, and how to interpret a scene so the same message comes across.

This week, we wanted to show a bit of that process by giving a peek to some of the original text that went into making the webcomic. We take these paragraphs that were originally back and forth between two writers, convert them into scripts, keeping, cutting, and sometimes rewriting the content to better fit the more developed narrative, then they are divided into panels and pages for artwork. It is really satisfying to bring even the littlest of scenes from the story to life through a webcomic.

We’re still working hard on Chapter 2, so thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy next week’s post leading up to the cover page reveal!