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New Character Concepts and Announcements

Posted May 12th, 2020

It's announcement time! We have some exciting news and updates to share as we head to the end of our page hiatus! First things first: we present our new full body character concepts. They are much improved from our original concept designs and now better reflect the style of the comic. Why did we make these? That's what our next announcement is about:

We are currently looking into finding an online publisher. This endeavor will hopefully spread our comic further, find new fans, and help us broaden our audience and following. We want to give a big thank you to our early ambassador fans and hope you will continue to support the comic as we head into this big new step!

Along with finding a publisher, we have decided to launch an updated website that will be live next week along with the Chapter 2 cover page! We hope you like the incoming changes and we feel they will better reflect the comic’s evolving style, as well as make the reading and browsing experience smoother.

Stay tuned! Cover page reveal next week with new website, and then on May 26th, Chapter 2 begins!