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Posted June 16th, 2020

Hannah: Atticus is a perfect gentleman... until you start bad-mouthing his hobby. Can you really blame him? Most people's reactions are shown in panel two; scorn, suspicion, and outright fear.

Kailey: And this page has the debut of another main character of this story: Atticus' lecturing face.

Hannah: At first I was worried that I made it too intense, but then I decided- nah. Atticus shares his dad's reputation of being a stick in the mud for a reason. Why go to parties when you can do SCIENCE?

Kailey: I think it shows that Atticus had heard these kinds of accusations before and has had to defend himself so much that he now gets annoyed about it easily. I imagine it's judged even harsher since he's nobility.

Hannah: Indeed! Everyone's got a sore spot. I also love that Jasper's plan worked perfectly, and also didn't. If I were one of those women I would have left, too.