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Posted June 23rd, 2020

Kailey: Who let that reptilian lapdog into the party center?! Whoever's running this thing should have hired tighter security! The lizardfolk is obviously displeased by it.

Hannah: Well, Atticus is really displeased by it. For the second time today, he's found himself sprawled on the ground.

Kailey: He has a habit of doing that. Can't blame him though, he doesn't have the strength to really hold himself up that well. Poor guy keeps getting caught up in these situations.

Hannah: But this time, there isn't a helpful mechanic around. There's only a scheming cousin, fancily dressed partygoers, and the aforementioned reptilian lapdog. Her name is Daisy, in case anyone was wondering.

Kailey: I'm sure Daisy meant no harm. It's hard to resist fancy party snacks. Too bad she caught Jasper's eye as a method to sabotage his cousin.

Hannah: Freaking Jasper...I love his character design, but he needs to go sober up. We'll see you next week as this ill-fated party scene comes to an end!