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Posted June 29th, 2020

Hannah: And with that, the first day of the Festival ends; with both of our protagonists fading to unconsciousness. They've both had some dramatic experiences, to say the least.

Kailey: I am really excited to ramp up the plot in the following day of the festival, but it's also really cool that we got some snippets of it here. The first day is just a bunch of signs and build up for what's to come.

Hannah: Yeah, I can't wait to show off what we've been building up to! As for this page, the first panel is probably on my top five favorite panels. Conveying Atticus's panicked state through the visuals was really challenging, but well worth all the tweaking of the speech bubbles and different elements. Plus, we get to see Claire again! I've missed her.

Kailey: I agree with the thoughts on the first panel. It took a lot of effort and build up to properly convey Atticus' condition, and I think we did a good job. I also love seeing Jack again. I love the care he shows his friend. I imagine that long line of ladies meant nothing when he heard Atticus had fallen down. It's also very sweet how Joson is taking care of Claire. They both have good people in their lives.