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Posted July 7th, 2020

Kailey: Page 30! A fun landmark to start the next day of the festival to!

Hannah: This is a page full of mystery, suspense, and- nah, just kidding, there's just breakfast food. Maybe some glass shards, too. Claire really shouldn't have slept with that picture, but I wouldn't have tried to convince her to let go of it, either.

Kailey: I was originally going to have her get cut with it and that lead to Joson taking it to replace the frame, but decided to instead exchange it for that sweet, sweet breakfast food. He's best psuedo uncle, letting Claire crash in his kitchen.

Hannah: Joson is really fun to draw, too! I love his grumpy face. It feels good to get back to Claire and see what she's up to.

Kailey: Feels like a fresh start after a crazy and dramatic night, with a little continuation of the mystery at the end of the page.