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Posted July 28th, 2020

Hannah: Another day, another panic attack. Just a normal occurrence in the life of Atticus Falke. The jolly Mr. Corde returns on this page too, and I remembered how much I love drawing fluffy facial hair.

Kailey: Poor Atticus! Luckily, he has another one of our friendly uncle figures to help calm him down. But, come on, what's there to worry about? It's not like alchemy is considered a devil practice or anything ;)

Hannah: It'll be fiiiine. This is another scene which was added for the comic version, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I wanted to show more of Corde and Atticus's relationship, which happened off screen in our original RP.

Kailey: I'm really glad we're giving Corde some screen time in the comic. It's nice that the webcomic is giving us a chance to spruce up the original story now that we understand the plot a lot better. Since we wrote everything on the fly, we couldn't be as detailed before.