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Posted August 11th, 2020

Hannah: At last, we return to see the aftermath of the fire at Lockhart Mechanics. I've gotta say, I wouldn't handle finding people picking through the rubble of my childhood home nearly as well as Claire does.

Kailey: She's very much a 'take things as they come' kind of person. No, she's not happy about it, but she doesn't want to get risked being seen by people who tried to kidnap her the previous night. I love sneaky Claire.

Hannah: And I love this goblin fire chief. I usually have fun drawing side characters, and his personality made doing his expressions even more entertaining. Its the 'I just want to go home and shave' face.

Kailey: Poor guy's been there since the fire last night, and these dumb government officials took over the area. At least Claire has a backup plan: Time to go meet up with her rich new friend!