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Posted August 25th, 2020

Hannah: There are so many bits of new information in this conversation that Atticus doesn't know which one to focus on. I had a ton of fun drawing his expression moving from concern, to shock, and finally to a bewildered acceptance that he has no idea how to react to this girl and her insane story.

Kailey: Claire's a bit of a scatterbrain, but her care for others comes first. She had to make sure to give her gift to Atticus before getting too deep in the conversation. It was fun that you drew her buying it on the festival montage page in Chapter 1!

Hannah: Yep! You may notice the bag is a lot smaller on this page. My explanation is that she bought other stuff besides hinges from that vendor, but its actually because I didn't really think it through. I can't help giggling as I picture this scene if she just gave him the original size of bag. Whump 'Here ya go, I got you a present!' 'H-how many hinges did you buy?!'

Kailey: I wouldn't put it past Claire to do that, honestly... Excited to see how Atticus reacts to the alchemy note she brought along! She had Atticus on the mind: For Science!