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Posted October 19th, 2020

Kailey: Flying solo on this one. Feels like the earlier pages of the comic before we switched to the conversation format. Hannah only had one thing to say about this page, and you can refer to the comments section to read it. All right, here I go:

If anyone didn't think Atticus was loaded with cash before, this will certainly convince them. Guys got money to burn on his alchemy experiments. In the original rp, it was like he was revealing his personal bat cave, and Hannah declared it as her 'mic-drop' moment. It was certainly impressive, but Atticus immediately switched gears, closed the doors, and they went to his room instead because he was too weak at the time to show it off! This section was the biggest part of the rewrite for us so far, and we are so happy they are actually going to explore the underground lab this time instead of just reveal it, then close the door. The end of chapter 2 is approaching, and I can't express how hype I am to get into the story after this! The mystery is just barely unfolding!