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Posted October 27th, 2020

Hannah: On this page, we actually get to see the part of the underground warehouse that Atticus uses as his lab. Its mostly cabinets, but trust me, there's some really cool alchemy stuff inside that I didn't want to draw. I can draw only so many glass containers before I go insane.

Kailey: That's how Atticus describes it too: Really Cool Alchemy Stuff. I love how his paper to draw transmutation circles on is the size of drafting paper. He is very organized, that's why it's so clean and you don't have to draw it all.

Hannah: Atticus doesn't describe it that way :P. But yeah, its a very tidy workspace. Honestly I wouldn't mind a place that size for my art stuff.

Kailey: Well, whatever he calls it, Claire certainly doesn't like it associated with her family.

We will be taking a short break to prepare for the finale of chapter 2. We tried our best not to let outside influence affect our workflow, but we came to a rough spot and feel it would be best to catch up, take care of some things, and put our full and best effort into the page. But, we won't go silent! Keep your eyes on our Patreon Page for the city map and concept art that we will post in its place.