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Posted December 1st, 2020

Hannah: Final page of the chapter, woot! And what a lovely note to end it on. :wink: I think it fits our two main character's personalities; Atticus being sad and dramatic, and Claire being determined but still confused.

Kailey: I'm so excited for the next chapter! We've spent the first two laying all the groundwork for all the crazy that's about to go down.

Hannah: You might think a house burning down is the craziest it can get, but you would be wrong.

Kailey: The mystery is only getting started and some big reveals are coming!

Like with the last chapter, we will be going on a break to prepare for the start of Chapter 3! Also, a break for the holidays. We will be back in January, but will be posting fun concept art on our Patreon in the meantime! Thanks for the support and reading!