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Posted February 23rd, 2021

Kailey: He's finally here!! I'm trying not to just overreact and cover this blurb in fangirl screams!

Hannah: You should. I've been hearing the screaming for years, its time to share it with the readers. At last, the appearance of the eccentric billionaire himself!

Kailey: We've been hinting at him since the beginning, and hiding him in backgrounds. It's been soooo hard to stay quiet about it! Tim is such a special character to me, and it's an honor to have him a part of this story and see him come to life visually.

Hannah: My love for Mr. Garlant can't hold a candle to Kailey's, but I've been super excited about this new character introduction too! For those who are curious, Tim's first appearance was way back on page 26 at the Sponsor's Social, and most recently he appeared on page 50, giving a speech to the crowd outside the airport while Claire snuck past.

Kailey: Plus his name and brand riddled about everything else. He's an important part of the going-ons and Claire getting to meet him is so satisfying.