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Posted March 9th, 2021

Kailey: I have to say, I love the little details you put in to have Garlant's speaker bird to mimic his emotions through its actions. How it's bowing down to his wife is the cutest thing ever!

Hannah: Like: Behold, my wife! Gotta show what a doting husband he is.

Kailey: I love it! The Garlant's are a serous power couple. Claire is meeting some very famous people, one even being her idol. It just makes me happy to see her getting cheered up after all that turmoil.

Hannah: Cheered up, or just dazed...I added the detail of her touching her own cheek to make sure that this is real.

On a side note; we always love having comments on the comic. They help motivate us! Its fun to see your thoughts and theories about our story. We'll do our best to respond to all of them, and if we get enough comments coming regularly, we could do some sort of giveaway. Thanks for all your support!