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Posted March 16th, 2021

Hannah: We debated whether or not to include Jack's cameo on this page, and I'm so glad it made it to the final cut.

Kailey: I think it's good to have a little reminder of the other characters of the story. Always fun to see what they're up to. We knew Jack had to be at the big speech at the airport about the races. Paying attention to it is a different matter.

Hannah: Jack's got other priorities. But enough about that handsome devil- how about that architecture, eh? I had fun drawing the back of the airport. Figuring out how to do afternoon light was less fun, but I think I did alright. Its a learning experience with every page.

Kailey: It's epic!!! Always a dream come true seeing these locations and characters come to life through your art. Thanks again for your amazing work and effort.