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Posted March 30th, 2021

Hannah: Such a long time passes between complicated city shots that I forget how long it takes to do them. But it was worth it to properly represent the backdrop for this conversation!

Kailey: I did say 'Sorry, Hannah!' When I wrote it in the script, but you went all out! It's impressive!

Hannah: No regrets. It would have been a crime to pass up the chance to show off the grand cityscape of New Reidle, as well as Mr. Garlant's magnificent hat hair.

Kailey: I picture he's the type where it's just not worth combing it and making it nice. Always in the air, a mechanic in a shop... His wife just throws a hat on it and calls it good for the public appearances.

We will be going on a break in order to prepare for the next part of the chapter and see what Atticus is up to, so stay tuned! The comments have meant so much to us and always inspire us to keep going, so keep them coming! As promised, during the break we will randomly pick one person from the comments on Chapter 3 to pick the theme for some extra For Tomorrow art , so look forward to that during the downtime!