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Posted May 11th, 2021

Kailey: We're back! Thanks for your patience while we took a much needed break. And we return with Atticus' side of the story! A much different experience parallel to Claire's.

Hannah: As we return to Atticus's perspective, we also get to see Jack again, who had a cameo at the airport on page 57. I'm so excited for this next scene! I know I say that with pretty much every scene, but its still true.

Kailey: Jack is a blast. I feel now he finally gets his chance to shine as Atticus' best friend. A good blend of humor, and sympathy, but never a total pity party. I remember when you wrote this scene for the first time in the rp, I was blown away. A serious landmark to reach it.

Hannah: It was a fun scene to write, and I love showing their bromance in comic form too.