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Posted June 15th, 2021

Hannah: I'm ridiculously proud of the cars on this page. I was able to avoid drawing the garage full of cars on the way into Atticus's lab, but its kind of hard to avoid it when they need to get into one.

Kailey: Their friendship is palpable on this page, and I love the little calls to Atticus' developing relationship with Claire. Hope to get them both on screen together again soon.

Hannah: Yes, me too! This is the last page of this scene, so we're one scene closer to their reunion.

Kailey: I'm excited to get back to Claire and her side of the story with the next page!

We are going to take a short break to prepare for that, but we want to make some goodies in the meantime. We enjoyed our last break page where we answered questions as the castt of the comic, and we want to do it again! Leave in the comments questions you would like to have our characters answer, and we will illustrate our favorite ones!