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Posted December 16th, 2019

Originally, this page had the fleet of airships in formation high in the sky with tiny figures of our main characters opposite of each other across the river. We decided to add the close-ups on Atticus and Claire at the bottom to highlight their reactions of the airship flyover, and brought the airships themselves down lower to add a more dynamic angle and highlight the Falke family sponsored Griffin's Pride. We are really happy with this change and feel the page does a great job at bringing the pilot pages of the comic together to help introduce the story. We are really starting to figure out our style and how we want to organize this comic, and we are very excited to start diving into some story now that we've finished introducing the setting.

We will be taking a break on actual page releases until after New Year's. But! We still plan to have some fun holiday art and more to keep the website active during the break, so stay tuned. This will give us time to make a buffer of pages so that we can continue our regular page releases back starting on the 7th of January.