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Posted August 24th, 2021

Hannah: Atticus is so paranoid. I debated making him less paranoid in this scene... but nah. It fits him.

Kailey: I think he has full right to be paranoid, haha. Claire just shows up at the richest man of the city's private box all prettied up after a night of nearly being kidnapped? But, that's also in Claire's nature: She's very trusting. Y'know, except when a young lord tells her she has a dangerous alchemy formula and asks her to hand it over...

Hannah: Reasonable reservations on both ends, in my opinion. Atticus is sus.

Kailey: Haha. What's sus is how they ended up looking like they're going to prom together. I remember we went in blind on what outfits they would be wearing in the original rp, and they wonderfully collaborated.